As we are seeing this week, winter travel can be less than pleasant. And, whether you are a road warrior or an occasional family vacationer, when you are stuck in an airport you are stuck in an airport.

As Mark Twain suggested, there is nothing you can do about the weather. However you can be prepared to make the most of the situation and to be as comfortable as possible. Here are some travel tips from Medjet’s own World Wide Will that everyone traveling this winter should take notice of.

  • If you are taking to the skies pack a pool float. Yes, a pool float. One of those cheap ones that you can get at the 7-11 during the summer. The cheap ones are small and easy to pack in your carry on. It might sound silly now but when you are looking at making a pallet on the floor of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport you will be happy to have this makeshift air mattress.
  • If you are taking a road-trip make sure that you have a warm blanket and a candle in your trunk. The candle will warm the inside of the car more than you think and it can be used to melt ice or snow into water.
  • Speaking of water. Whether you are flying, driving or taking the train, it is always good to have a bottle of water on hand. If you are stranded and can’t find a place to get water, you can drink what you have then use the bottle to pack snow in or too fill up at a water fountain at the airport.
  • A power strip is a must for any mass transit traveler. It gives you the opportunity to charge multiple devices at once and using only one public outlet. And, if there are no outlets, you can ask someone if they will let you plug in your strip and share the power. They are also good for international travelers who will have to use an adaptor.
  • Rent movies for your laptop, smart phone or pad ahead of time. I always keep favorites and standards available for moments when I am stuck somewhere and need some entertainment.
  • Your Medjet card is an obvious essential for any sort of travel. In addition to the primary medical evacuation benefit, Medjet also offers medical concierge style ancillary health and wellness benefits. Taking trips, not chances is more than just a tagline, it is the best travel tip you can take.
  • One last suggestion though, make sure you pack some patience. A cool head will get you further than a hot head.

For more tips on how to travel safer and smarter, visit the MedjetAssist blog.

creative commons imageImage courtesy of Amy Leonard & Creative Commons