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When Is the Best Time to Travel to the Amazon?

galapagos islands extension amazon aerial

A quick survey of our Travel Planners has uncovered the most popular question they get about our Amazon tour: When is the best time to go?

In truth, though it may sound cliche, there really is no bad time to visit the Amazon River; however, your personal preferences and activities will play a big part in choosing which time of the year you should take an Amazon cruise.

Since there is no wet or dry season like in so many other destinations when traveling in the Peruvian Amazon, the most important thing to consider is the high water and low water seasons. It rains about 250 days out of the year along the Amazon, but the water-level fluctuation is mostly a result of seasonal rains and snow in the Andes and along the rivers 2,280,000 square-mile drainage basin. Keep in mind, the water level of the Amazon may fluctuate more than 40 feet throughout the year.

High Water Season (December-May)

As the name implies, during this time of year the river is at its highest. Forests in the vast Amazon Basin are flooded, so you can go deeper into the forest on excursions boats and get into smaller tributaries. This allows you to see some of the wildlife that may shun the main course of the river. This is also a great time to try swimming in the blackwater creeks!

Low Water Season (June-November)

As water recedes from the forest, animals that have been widely dispersed in tributaries and streams like fish and pink dolphins are more greatly concentrated. Since the water is draining from the wetlands, that also allows for more walks that go deeper into the rainforest.