Although Uganda is known for its remarkable gorilla population and hosts opportunities to come face to face with these giants, those looking for a diverse nature travel experience should also look for vervet monkeys while visiting the Entebbe Botanical Gardens in Kampala.

These primates have greenish-olive or silvery-grey fur and stark, black faces, hands, ears, feet and tips of tails. Vervets are considered a medium-size monkey, weighing in at up to 17 pounds. The botanical garden is a perfect habitat for the mainly-vegetarian monkey, which feeds on leaves, shoots, bark, flowers, fruit and roots. It occasionally eats eggs, baby birds and rodents.

While visiting the gardens during International Expeditions’ Uganda safari, look for playful activity among the furry vervets. The young ones chase, wrestle and take turns pushing each other off high perches. Mothers often allow interested female monkeys to hold or groom their offspring, and babies develop close social bonds with female relatives that last their entire lives.

The primate can be found in 39 African nations, ranging from Ethiopia to South Africa, making it the most widespread African monkey.

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