This week International Expeditions President Van Perry is back aboard the M/V Evolution. His entire family is joining him for an amazing 10-day Galapagos cruise! Thanks to modern technology, being on a remote archipelago 600 miles in the Pacific doesn't mean he can't still check-in with the office. Here are Van's updates.


Great day in the water off the coast of Isabela Island! The girls saw a large pod of dolphins jumping in the Bolivar Channel. Went snorkling with 20 tortugas, and swimming with sea lions. All before we saw a flightless cormorant!


Such a great day at Pinnacle Rock on Bartolome Island! Swam for five minutes with a Galapagos penguin. While snorkeling, saw white-tipped shark plus so many starfish. Chocolate-chip sea stars and octopus were all over the place. Then a white-tiped reef shark and another swimming penguin came within foot of girls! The entire time, Galapagos hawks were circling the area.


It is a beautiful morning achored off the coast of Santa Cruz Island. Going for a morning hike with our naturalists before going back in the water to snorkel.


Today in the Santa Cruz highlands, our small group say large tortoises over 100 years old. Later, when we stopped at Dragon Hill, I was kneeling down to take picture of a colorful land iguana -- and he decided to walk through my legs! Glad they are herbivores :) Capped off the day with Evolution anchored off Puerto Ayora. A local band came onboard to perform, and the ship's doctor sang and played guitar as everyone danced.


Know why Espanola is our naturalist Boli's favorite island! This morning we saw over 100 albatrosses. Got to observe their mating dances as well as see many eggs. Later we sailed back to Santa Cruz. During our Zodiac excursion we saw flamingos, baby pufferfish, sting rays, tortugas and baby black-tipped reef sharks. Girls can't believe it's almost the end of our Galapagos cruise.