Embrace the Mediterranean Diet in Turkey

January 30, 2012
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There are hundreds of sights to see on International Expeditions’ new Turkey and Greece cruise, but nothing can happen without sustenance. Luckily, Turkey boasts one of the world's richest, most diverse and delicious cuisines.

Turkish people have been able to trace their cuisine back to the 11th century, thanks to Turkish writers Yusuf Has Hacib and Kasgarli Mahud, who gave detailed information on the cuisine at the time. Then, meat dishes were most popular, particularly mutton. Today, the diet of Turks is extremely varied. In Kayseri, Turkey alone there are 20 different types of pastirma, the ancestor of the pastrami found in the West. In the Black Sea region, there are more than 20 different dishes that incorporate corn.

Generally, foods show diversity based on the geography of the nation and the crops that grow there. It is also affected by the religious structure of the country and the norms and values that go with it. Visitors to Turkey will be able to try multiple dishes with eggplant and different types of kebab, or roasted meats like lamb.

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