Birders Heading to Trinidad Will Have a Field Day in the Asa Wright Nature Center

June 02, 2011
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The Caribbean may be more popular for its beaches than the possibilities for nature travel, but those with an eye for birdlife are going to love International Expeditions’ new journey to Guyana and Trinidad. While there is a wealth of birding destinations for travelers heading to the island nation of Trinidad, there is no better place to spot the local avian life than Asa Wright Nature Center.

Located within the Arima Valley of the Northern Range in Trinidad, the center is a sizable scientific research station that happens to be one of the top birding spots in the word. More than 400 individual species of bird have been recorded in the center, and the park has given rise to the works of noted ornithologists like David and Barbara Snow.

Species vary widely throughout the park, though some of the more prominent birds to be found in Asa Wright include the white-bearded manakin, the green honeycreeper, bearded bellbirds, oropendolas and ornate hawk-eagles.

Birds are not the only attraction in the nature center either, as the beautifully maintained jungles that pervade the park also host 97 native mammals, 55 reptiles and 617 butterflies.

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