While Havana is the major city on many travelers' minds when envisioning a trip to Cuba, the town of Trinidad on the southern side of the island offers an alternative to the hustle and bustle of the Cuban capital. Trinidad has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and those who travel to Cuba on International Expeditions’ people-to-people spend two nights exploring.

Like so many other parts of Cuba, Trinidad seems frozen in time. But even the modern features that have come to the rest of Cuba can't be found in the quiet town of Trinidad. The stunning Colonial architecture coupled with horse-drawn carts and a laid-back atmosphere give this town a peaceful serenity.

“Trinidad was very picturesque, and the people we encountered were all very friendly,” said Patricia Dischinger of Baltimore, who joined IE’s legal Cuba travel program. 

Trinidad is often referred to as an "outdoor museum" simply because of the way every building seems like it should be preserved for all time. Those who have been to the "old town" sections of major European cities will likely have an idea of what to expect in Trinidad.

During our time strolling through the heart of city, we meet local artists such as the family of traditional potters at Casa Santander. This studio has been in the same family for decades, and the Santanders share their family history while inviting us to take a turn at the wheel.