IE Art Director Charlie Boyd has spent the last four days on our Galapagos Islands tour aboard the Evolution, and has cell service as he heads toward Santiago and Bartolomé. Charlie has checked in with a list of what his Galapagos travel group has spotted while exploring San Cristóbal, Española and Santa Cruz.

"We are having a great time! The food on the Evolution is great. We've seen so much wildlife. A special treat yesterday was seeing albatross chicks and a bobolink (see right) - the guides had only seen a bobolink once before!

"Lonesome George was out and about at the Darwin Research Station...we got a great view. Plus, there were lots of finches in the Highlands today."

Tuesday 5:45 p.m.: "We just went snorkeling and got to see sea lions in the water! Hiked Bartolomé with (guide) Alex. He seems to know everything!"