IE Creative Services Editor Emily Harley spent Thanksgiving on our Amazon Voyage! Now she shares thoughts on this unique small-ship adventure aboard La Amatista.

In the days since I returned from our Amazon cruise, everyone has asked the same question, "What was the best part?"

As the only ship traveling more than 600 miles on the Amazon tributaries (620 miles to be exact!), our group had counted 91 species by Day 4! And while the wildlife and the realization that I was in the actual Amazon rainforest were beyond imagination, the people who shared their country with me were truly the most memorable part of my 10 days in Peru.

One of our guests this summer wrote "Your amazing guides were caring, funny, playful and brilliant, and it broke my heart to say good-bye." While I am a writer by trade, Mrs. Land summed up the feelings of almost everyone on the voyage. From our Expedition Leader Hernando, to naturalists George and Robinson, to naturalist-in-training Pepe, Jorge and the rest of La Amatista’s crew, I walked away from Peru with a deep admiration and affection for each of these new friends.

Spending the past 10 days with our guides and crew has just reinforced what a singular experience our Amazon rainforest tour can be, and how honored International Expeditions is to work with such a superior in-country staff.

I can't wait to share a day-by-day account of my Amazon River tour, so be sure to check back frequently for updates!