It's truly International Expeditions' enthusiastic local guides that make our Galapagos Island vacations so special, and no one is more passionate about his work than Galapagos Expedition Leader and Naturalist Bolivar Sanchez! We recently asked Boli six quick questions.

If you could be any animal, what would you be? I would love to be a hammerhead shark — they live on the edge.

What is the most interesting place you have ever visited? Victoria, Canada was fantastic! It is very pristine and wild outside in the country, but also a modern, organized city.

Is there a past vacation or place you've visited that got you hooked on travel? Not in particular. I just like traveling, and if I did not have to work I would only travel and take pictures.

Where will you visit next? I am planning a 10-day trip with my family to Argentina and Chile. We're going to the cities to eat and sample the Chilean wines, then heading to Iguazú Falls.

Given that you've lived in Galapagos and visit so often, is there anything in the islands that still surprises you? Galapagos is a very special place and the wildlife in general surprises me all the time, but it is really the underwater world that I love so much! That's why I love taking Evolution guests snorkeling there is so much to experience.

April's issue of Delta Sky magazine featured International Expeditions' Galapagos Island cruise and your skills as a naturalist. Has being a "big star" changed your life? I am nowhere near a big star, but almost half of the people that traveled with me in April had read the story. It was fun to have guests already know my name and background before we ever got on the ship!

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