The coastal community of Joal-Fadiouth gives nature enthusiasts, architecture buffs, historians and cultural observers alike an interesting source of observation.

Small-ship cruises to this Senegalese town offers beautiful coastline, forests and salt water estuaries that are the pride of the city of Joal as well as a large source of the area's livelihood, according to the Peace Corps. Cross one of these legendary estuaries on a wooden bridge that measures 525 meters to visit Fadiouth, an island literally composed of oysters and shells.

Discarded by residents of many years gone by, the shells make up the roads, buildings and houses, creating a relaxed atmosphere, the news source reports. Since the bridge is for pedestrians only, the town has narrow streets for walking purposes, not driving, according to

In Joal-Fadiouth, travelers can visit one of the only cemeteries in the world that contains Christians and Muslims buried together. The cemetery represents the pride and joy of the area - the people's history of tolerance, acceptance and cooperation between religions, the Peace Corps reports.