Thanks to an increased representation in pop culture spurred by the popularity of films like Slumdog Millionaire and Eat Pray Love, India tours have emerged in popularity western travelers. While these films portray the ins and outs of urban cultural centers like Mumbai and Delhi, not much is seen of India's more natural settings. Vacationers hoping to see the untamed side of the Indian subcontinent will definitely want to spend some time exploring the epic beauty of Kanha National Park.

Jointly located in the Mandla and Balachat districts of Madhya Pradesh, Kanha National Park is one of the premier wildlife destinations in India. This well-managed national park is home to a wealth of animal species ranging from spotted deer and Indian bison (also known as guar) to the rhesus macaque and fox. More than 300 bird species populate the forests of Kanha as well.

Yet the big attraction to the park is the native Bengal tiger, which has thrived in the park since it was taken under Project Tiger Reserve and Tiger Trust in 1974. International Expeditions has been working with Tiger Trust since 1989. The project has been very successful in conserving habitats and creating Bengal tiger awareness worldwide.

While on their India journey, International Expeditions’ guests have an extraordinary opportunity to observe and learn about Bengal tigers at Kanha. But they can also walk away with the knowledge that their India expedition also helped to preserve these same animals! IE donates $100 per traveler to India to Tiger Trust India, a program to ensure the future well being of the seriously endangered tigers of India.

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