International Expeditions is thrilled to provide enriching ecotravel to groups like WWF. On the WWF Travel Blog, WWF's Elissa Poma and Marsea Nelson weighed in on 10 things they learned when exploring the Amazon rainforest.

Digital cameras help cross language barriers. My Spanish speaking skills are limited, to be sure, but my digital camera provided a great opportunity to interact with people. When we visited small villages along the Amazon River, kids would be anxious to have their photos taken because they wanted to see themselves on the screen afterwards. It allowed me to make connections with them even though we didn’t speak each others’ language. And I got some great shots.

2) Toucans actually exist in the wild. Sure, intellectually, I knew this before my trip, but it really felt surreal to see such an exotic looking bird flying overhead. I can’t even recall ever seeing one in a zoo beforehand—just on my cereal box!"

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