One of our past guests, Bob Safay, has been generous enough to share this video of Brazil's majestic Iguazú Falls. The Iguazú Falls lie on the border of Brazil and Argentina and are a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. A native of Atlanta, GA, Bob is a passionate traveler, as well as a skillful nature photographer and videographer. Bob and his wife, Nancy, have been on five trips with IE, including several pre- and post-trip extensions. (Keep watching for updates, as we will have a Pantanal Itinerary for 2011, and of course, should you want to visit Iguazú Falls, we offer custom travel planning options.)

Iguazú Falls was an added treat to our trip to the Pantanal. Although I had seen the falls many times on television (most recently on the Planet Earth series), nothing could prepare me for the sheer size and magnitude of the falls. At times the roar of the water was almost overwhelming. You could actually feel the sound. With IE we stayed at the only hotel that is actually in the park. It was built in the late 1950’s as a casino, but since they outlawed gambling in Brazil it became a tourist hotel and one of the first hotels certified as an eco-friendly hotel in the country. It was wonderful to be able to see the falls from both the Brazil side, and then from the Argentine side. One of the highlights of this side trip was to be able to view and video the falls from a helicopter. Wow, talk about impressive. Another highlight was going with our professional photographer and catching the falls at sunrise. It is such an experience to travel with a professional photographer. International Expeditions always goes that extra mile to ensure there guests have the best trip imaginable.