One of the best ways to preserve memories of your International Expeditions journey is with great photos! So we asked some of our favorite photographers for tips to get the best possible shots. If you are going to be shooting from an open jeep or vehicle,  there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the sharpest pictures. These tips are especially great  if you're trying to get that beautiful tiger picture on an India tiger safari or a close-up of an elephant while on a Kenya and Tanzania safari.

First, if you are going to be shooting with a long zoom lens, when the vehicle stops, you should ask the driver to turn the engine off. This will get rid of the vibrations.

Second, a "bean bag" can give you a good place to rest your lens. Because every ounce counts when you're traveling, you should make an empty bag at home (a sock – without holes – works great) and wait until you get in-country to buy your "filling." Small beans or rice work great and can be purchased at a local market.

For even more tips that you can use to photograph wildlife, be sure to read this Outdoor Photographer story about our Amazon riverboat cruise.

Have a great photo tip? Let us know.