Q&A with Quark Expeditions President Hans Lagerweij

January 15, 2014

Later this year, International Expeditions will welcome a friend and fellow adventurer, Hans Lagerweij, aboard our Amazon River cruise. Hans is the president of IE-sister company Quark Expeditions and a passionate, avid adventure traveler. We sat down with Hans to learn more about why he is looking forward to hosting our May 2, 2014 journey after so many years of exploring polar destinations.

Hans, why is Quark Expeditions working together with IE?
Quark Expeditions and International Expeditions have a lot in common: dedication to the highest levels of service, mind-expanding and heart-stirring journeys in which connecting with nature is an essential ingredient, being delivered by the best expedition staff. Together we offer more choices of stunning expeditions to our customers.
Why are you going to the Amazon?
After years of enjoying the best “cold” nature expeditions, I think it is time for something in a much warmer environment! Joking aside, I am looking forward to experience something completely new. I am also very anxious to experience the La Estrella Amazonica, a brand new ship purposely built by International Expeditions for their Amazon voyages. I hope to learn something new that we could use with Quark Expeditions.
Are you looking forward to the trip?
Absolutely! Just think about what the Amazon and the Polar Regions have in common: both are unique, important ecosystems for our earth yet both are under threat. Both are pristine environments in which Mother Nature is still in charge. To explore this with the most knowledgeable guides in a comfortable environment – I am sure I am going to enjoy it!

Make plans to join Hans in the Amazon on our May 2 Amazon cruise!