Are you looking for a colorful addition to your India tour? Then you'll definitely want to pay a visit to the stunning city of Jaipur. It was once the capital of India, and as such the architecture and structure of the city are reminiscent of royalty. Jaipur is also often referred to as the Pink City because many of the buildings and monuments are painted a brilliant pink color in honor of a long-standing royal tradition.

The Lonely Planet reports that back in 1876 every building in the old city was painted pink by order of Maharaja Singh. This was the Maharaja's way of expressing hospitality to the Prince of Wales, who later came to be known as King Edward VII. The tradition continued and today the city of Jaipur is filled with many rose-tinted buildings, from houses to palaces.

Most of the pink structures are located in the City Palace complex, which encompasses a number of beautiful palaces, pavilions and temples - most of which are painted in bright colors, especially pink. Even before you enter the complex, it is difficult to miss its beauty. The Jaleb Chowka and Tripolia Gates hint at the majestic sights that await visitors on the other side. The exteriors are impressive, but the quality of the interior of these structures can definitely compete.

The Hawa Mahal is one of the painted buildings that you will not want to miss. It was built nearly 100 years before Maharaja Singh decided to change the exterior color, but the palace would be a breathtaking sight no matter what hue it was. The main five-story facade of the building is covered in ornately decorated windows with unique lattice patterns, and the entire structure is a gorgeous display of traditional Indian architecture.

Each structure is beautiful in its own right, inside and out, and travelers embarking on IE's India tour will not want to miss the opportunity to check out at least one of the ornate buildings. The brilliant color of the buildings, the intricate designs and work that went into creating such unrivaled beauty make spending some time in Jaipur a must on your India travel itinerary.

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