International Expeditions' Director of Product Developement Bill Robison is always on the go. In the past five years, Bill has traveled to the Peruvian Amazon, Trinidad, Guyana, Bali, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, Jordan, Brazil's Pantanal, Chile, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Dubai, Holland, Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Ireland, Scotland, Russia and China. So when we asked for his tips for staying healthy when you travel, Bill had a lot to share!

Bill's Top 5 tips for staying healthy when you travel are:

  • Drink lots of bottled water
  • Get your sleep
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • Try to avoid getting water in your mouth when you shower if you are in a place where the water is not safe...that's a tough one and often overlooked.

Another one that most don't think of...don't bite your nails! Dirt collects under your fingernails. After visiting a few villages and going inside the dung covered huts on my first safari in Africa years ago, while a wonderful experience, I never bit my nails again.

What's your best tip for staying healthy when you travel?