One of the true perks of working for International Expeditions is the opportunity to join our guests in some of Earth’s greatest wildlife destinations! IE Art Director Charlie Boyd and his wife are leaving this week on our Galapagos Islands cruise. As he prepares for his Galapagos tour on the Evolution, Charlie shared some thoughts.

“In just a few days, Pam and I leave for the Galapagos. To say we are both very excited would be an understatement. Over the weekend we began the process of getting our things together, but last night we really started packing everything and checking items off our list.

“For me, the first step was getting my camera equipment in order — charging batteries, clearing memory cards, clearing my camera bag out and cleaning my lenses. Watch for my photos is our upcoming e-newsletters and Small-Ship Voyages brochure.

“After a while spent packing we took a break and thought about our trip. Will we see more red-footed or blue-footed boobies? "What are we the most excited about seeing and doing? For Pam it is seeing and snorkeling with sea lions. But she can't wait to see giant tortoises. And boobies. And albatrosses. And penguins! For me, it's the same — snorkeling with sea lions and penguins, seeing Lonesome George and the giant tortoises in the highlands, taking pictures up-close of all sorts of birdlife — oystercatchers, vermillion flycatchers, owls, hawks, albatrosses, frigatebirds, tropicbirds... everything!

"There might also be the opportunity to see whales. This is a good time of year for them, and we are hoping to spot one or two during our Galapagos Islands tour. "