Feel the Might of Mother Nature at Kaieteur Falls

June 06, 2011
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One of the most awe-inspiring natural formations that one can encounter on a nature travel excursion is a waterfall. With gallons upon gallons of water rushing over the edge of a rocky outcropping, there may be no more eloquent and beautiful statement of nature's strength. Those travelers who will be exploring central Guyana's Potaro-Siparuni region will have the opportunity to take in one of these natural marvels at the legendary Kaieteur Falls.

This high-volume waterfall is fed by the Potaro River and stands roughly 226 meters (740 feet) above its first break, a sandstone cliff. The flow then plummets over a series of steep cascades to bring the total distance traveled to around 251 meters(820 feet).

Though it's height may pale in comparison to some of the other waterfalls in South America, notably Iguazu Falls, it remains one of the most powerful cascades on the planet thanks to its large width (averaging at 113 meters) and the sheer volume of water tumbling off of its side (663 square meters per second).

Best of all, the falls lie in the midst of a gorgeous primeval tropical forest that remains well preserved and is home to a wealth of unique plant and animal life. The surrounding area offers several hiking trails that only add to the adventure of seeing Kaieteur falls.

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