It is the last night in the islands for IE Galapagos Islands cruise guest and journalist Julie Hatfield. Read more about her time on North Seymour Island.

“It’s our last full day on the M/V Evolution, and the hour-to-hour activities arranged by International Expeditions don’t stop. During the night our captain has once again crossed the equator as we sleep, bringing us to tiny North Seymour Island, an uplifted island, simply pushed up from the ocean’s floor due to lava eruptions.

“This is a good island for hiking to see one of the largest Magnificent frigatebird colonies, the Magnificents being known for the purple band of feathers they have. Yes, their true name is Magnificent, and that they are.

“Also, the swallowtail gulls here will allow you to get so close to them that you can snap your own reflection, with your camera, in the eye of the gull. Lots of land iguanas lie in the sun looking like the prehistoric creatures they are.

“Our final lunch on board is called a special one, and it produces an even more lavish display than those of the previous six days, highlighted as it is by a perfectly roasted whole suckling pig accompanied by side dishes from the various home provinces of the crew, including a rich fish soup and a corn and cheese dish with a not-too-hot sauce enhancing it, and, as ever, special dishes for those vegetarians among us.”

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