Most parents want to get their children outside more, and there’s no better way to promote family bonding than on a family tour to one of the world’s wild places. Parents, grandparents and (yes) even the kids who have been on our Amazon River tour or Galapagos Islands cruise rave about the fun they had together.

North Carolina residents Sherry and Maggie (pictured above) shared this about their mother-daughter retreat in the Galapagos:

“There are few opportunities that a mother and a teenage daughter have that allow them to spend quality time together. Our trip to the Galapagos was one of these. I saw things in my daughter that I have never noticed or even expected. The interaction with Boli Sanchez, the Expedition Leader for this trip, was remarkable. He brought out Maggie’s adventurous side. She snorkeled among the sea lions, penguins and fish as if she had done it her entire life. She hiked to the top of a volcano, over lava fields, and in a lava tube. She was even adventurous in her eating – the food on the Evolution was so good it even whet her appetite!  Alex, the naturalist guide got her interested in stargazing and identifying the constellations. She looked forward to his lectures about the islands and the wildlife. Not a day went by without her mentioning how much fun she was having. This tour of Galapagos exceeded my expectations in every way and opened my daughter’s eyes to unbelievable wildlife, conservation efforts and culture. The Galapagos Islands are truly a natural wonder.”

While bonding in the islands is great, families can still take advantage of the great outdoors to build their children’s interest in nature and wildlife. The National Wildlife Federation also has tips and online tools to help parents increase their kids’ outdoor time.

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