Get to Galapagos!

October 11, 2011
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Dear Traveler,

The Galapagos Islands are truly unique in the world. The opportunity to walk among curious and unafraid wildlife is just extraordinary. I have been fortunate to have been to the Galapagos many times, but the experience of being with wildlife that is so accessible, wildlife that is unafraid and non-threatening, is always joyous and amazing.

International Expeditions' 32-passenger ocean-going yacht the Evolution offers an unparalleled way to explore during our Galapagos cruise. The Evolution features extensive public areas and generous cabins, while still maintaining an intimate environment and access to remote islands. Great friendships often form among our guests as they sail in comfort, dine exquisitely and share the joy of discovering wildlife and birds that are completely unafraid of people. After exploring incredible islands, you can kayak, swim and snorkel — the underwater world is a spectacular surprise! If you wish to relax, there are several decks, where you can sample delicious juices and snacks, or enjoy a glass of wine, while chatting with the exceptionally friendly crew. There are plenty of spots to curl up with a good book or reflect on the day at sunset.

The Galapagos is probably one of the best family vacation spots on Earth. Young and old alike are so taken with the wildlife, the incredible snorkeling, and the many activities like kayaking or hiking. This is a memorable place and your family time together will be filled with laughter and learning. It is the perfect adventure for all ages.

The IE staff and crew will take care of all the details, so you are free to just relax and enjoy. Be sure to view or order a free copy of our 2012 Galapagos Islands cruise brochure. We can't wait to welcome you aboard!


Maggie Hart
IE President