Looking to 2013: A Letter from the IE President

September 19, 2012
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Dear Explorer,
As our team began finalizing plans for new 2013 journeys, we intentionally took a step back to think about the journeys that laid the foundation for our company 33 years ago. These were pioneering efforts, delving into regions where “tourism” was an unknown concept, and we helped to create both the infrastructure and demand. This year we are doing the same thing, crafting trailblazing itineraries that off er you a new way to be immersed in countries you may have thought you knew, like Peru and Ecuador.

From the Andes to the Amazon, Patagonia’'s glaciers to Panama’'s famed Canal, our authentic explorations of Latin America survey the extraordinary diversity of this region. You will spend time discovering the distinct cultures, both ancient and modern, while hiking rainforest trails with our talented local naturalists, exploring temples and ruined cities, and sampling traditional cuisine in local restaurants. Because whether your primary interest is birding, botany or archaeology, the most authentic way to see a country is through the eyes of its people. And as you travel with our passionate, knowledgeable guides, rest assured that their sole mission is to open their world to you.

It is our commitment to an immersive travel experience where you get a true sense of a country — not just the tourist view — that has allowed International Expeditions to begin offering legal, people-to-people travel to Cuba. International Expeditions is one of the few companies able to off er this type of travel under a special government-approved license. This allows our guests to explore Cuba and connect with local artists, dancers, musicians and even conservationists and birders. Through these connections, we learn about the transformative power that real, honest conversation can have in all of our lives.

Are you ready to experience life-changing travel? I invite you to join us on one of our new journeys or on our signature small-ship voyages or expeditions. Experience immersive travel. Challenge your assumptions. Enrich your life.


Van Perry