A Letter from the President

April 19, 2012
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Dear Traveler,

Just a few days ago, someone asked me to really define what kind of journeys International Expeditions offers. The terms we so commonly use — like nature travel and ecotourism — did not seem descriptive enough. So I came up with a statement focusing less on who WE are and more on what YOU experience.

IE guests discover the world through small group experiences where they are immersed in the nature and local culture of Earth’s greatest wilderness regions.

While the concept is relatively simple, the dedicated IE staff and guides have poured 32 years of passion into creating travel that is memorable, transformative and above all, fun!

The guides impact your experience more than anything else while traveling, and frankly, IE’s hand-selected, knowledgeable expedition leaders and naturalists are the true stars of our organization. You will not be “lectured at” while exploring the legendary waters of the Amazon or Galapagos Islands. You will be warmly welcomed by locals who care deeply that you understand and appreciate the treasures of their homeland. I hope you will decide to join an IE journey soon and meet our talented guides yourself. In fact, I will be hosting our June 8 Galapagos Voyage for a special departure with IE guests. If you are still finalizing your summer travel plans, please join me for an exciting week in “Darwin’s Enchanted Isles.” I look forward to meeting you.


Van Perry