It is Endangered Species Day and we’re turning our focus to some of the critically engendered wildlife that you may spot on International Expeditions’ nature-focused journeys. We hope that by seeing wildlife in its precious habitat, you’ll be inspired to protect and improve the world we share.

On IE’s new
Northern Peru tour, guests search for the critically endangered white-winged guan during naturalist-guided excursions at Chaparri Nature Reserve. How rare is the white-winged guan? The bird is endemic to a small region in northwestern Peru, in the equatorial dry forests of the western slope of the Andes.  In fact, until it was rediscovered in 1977, scientists thought that the white-winged guan had been extinct for more than a century.

Hunting and habitat loss are the major threats to the species; however, there are intense captive-breeding and conservations campaigns aimed at preserving the
white-winged guan.