Packing Tips for a Nile Cruise

September 16, 2011
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Cruising down the Nile is the adventure of a lifetime - the route past this living museum offers hundreds of opportunities to observe the historical and cultural wonders of this ancient land. However, a surefire way to ruin the trip is to pack incorrectly or inadequately.

Depending on the season, certain articles of clothing and products will ensure that visitors to Egypt have the best Nile cruise imaginable. There are essentially two seasons in Egypt - a cool season that lasts from October to March, with temperatures ranging in the mid 40s to mid 60s Fahrenheit. The hot season lasts from April to September and has temperatures that range from the 60s to the 100s. Of course, International Expeditions has planned our Wings Over the Nile departures to ensure you avoid the hottest months.

Both seasons boast a strong sun, so a hat, sunscreen, water and sunglasses are an absolute must for all travelers. Also no matter the weather, women should always dress conservatively when entering temples, covering entire arms and legs with loose clothing in order to follow social norms in the nation. For everyday sight-seeing and touring museums and ruins, shorts and t-shirts are acceptable for everyone. Comfortable walking shoes are also advised, since many of your tours will involve walking over uneven ground.

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