Explore the Necropolis of Egypt's Ancient Capital in Sakkara

May 09, 2011
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While there are certainly a number of modern attractions to take in when in Egypt, most of vacationers making their way across the North African deserts or on a Nile cruise are interested in its historical sites. Those hoping to explore the mysteries of the ancient capital of Memphis will definitely want to drop in on its famed necropolis, Sakkara.

The site is home to a wealth of ancient structures, chief among them being the epic Step Pyramid of Djoser. This remarkably well-preserved site was built for its titular pharaoh between 2667-2648 BC by his vizier Imhotep. If the name Imhotep sounds familiar, the villain in the movie “The Mummy” was loosely based on this architect and priest.

The Step Pyramid is widely considered the first large-scale cut stone construction, as each layer of the stepped pyramid was built on top of what each other in what many historians believe to be revisions and developments of the original plans.

Djoser is not the only fallen king in the area, as 16 other pharaohs built their own burial chambers in Sakkara, including Shepsekaf, Menkauhor and Unas. Many of these smaller pyramids have fallen into disrepair, though the impact of these ancient structures is still remarkable, even earning distinction as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

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