Insider’s Tip: Keep Your Receipt; Keep Your Souvenirs

June 27, 2011
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Before he took over an International Expeditions' Director of Product Development, Bill Robison spent years coordinating travel to Egypt. So he had this great tip to share regarding your souvenirs and things to keep handy on our Wings Over the Nile journey.

When traveling from Egypt to Jordan, make sure you keep your receipts for any antique or artifact-style item you purchased in Egypt. Jordanian authorities are always on the look out for smugglers of artifacts from Egypt. They have the authority — and often exercise it — to confiscate any item that appears to be a genuine artifact, sending it to their antiquities experts in Amman where it's authenticity as a relic or souvenir will be determined. This frequently means you’ll lose your item due to red tape. Having those receipts will show where you purchased the item and what you paid for it, proving it's not an authentic artifact.