Borneo-Bound Vacationers Must See Cave of the Winds

June 09, 2011
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Avid adventurers have embraced the Malaysian island of Borneo as one of the newest hot spots for nature travel thanks to its various local cultures, unspoiled wilds and the wealth of natural attractions its mountainous landscape has to offer. Yet while the jungles and villages of Borneo provide endless opportunities for thrill seekers, eco-conscious travelers will definitely want to venture into Gunung Mulu National Park to witness one of the region's most interesting natural sites, the Cave of the Winds.

Located just off the Melinau River in Sarawak, the Cave of the Winds (Gua Angin in the native tongue) is a part of the larger Clearwater Cave system that takes its name from the steady, cool breezes that pass through the rocky outcroppings and stalactites.

The cavernous hollow was created by a once powerful underground river that has since dried up, though its effects are still clearly visible in the strong scalloping shape of the cave and the intricate landforms it has left behind.

These unique rock formations are a testament to the raw power of nature and help lead the path to the site's large opening – the King's Chamber. This expansive room features a hole in its ceiling that lets in light and water for a sight that is truly a must-see.

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