Few locations in the world allow as many opportunities to be wowed by the power and majesty of the natural world as the East Africa's Uganda. The “Pearl of Africa” is home to a vast array of natural treasures and an impressive biodiversity, much of which can be seen in Murchison Falls National Park.

Located in northwestern Uganda on the shores of Lake Albert, the park spreads across 1,500 square miles. It is also known as Kabalega National Park, in honor of the former king of Bunyoro, a powerful kingdom that occupied the region from the 16th-19th centuries.

The park takes its name from the eponymous waterfall that forces the waters of the Victoria Nile through a 20-foot cleft in a 150-foot tall rock face to create one of the more memorable sights in the park. Large populations of crocodile and hippo congregate at the base of the falls to feast on the fish, which are dazed after the fall.

Visitors will also be happy to know that the park is home to a collection of animals, including elephants, giraffes, buffalo and even white rhinos, which were introduced into reserves near the park. The park was once the site of rampant poaching under Idi Amin's regime. Thankfully, however, the animal population throughout Murchison Falls National Park has largely returned to stable levels and conservation efforts to protect them continue to this day.

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