Not sure where to eat in Guayaquil? Need suggestions for the best bug spray to take to the Amazon?

After 30 years of leading nature-focused tours around the world, IE's staff and naturalists have a wealth of information to share! Recently, Amazon cruise Expedition Leader Jorge Salas addressed a question on finding good binoculars.

Q: "Can anyone recommend a good pair of binoculars that are compact in size and lightweight?" - IE Facebook fan Helen

A: I believe that the ideal binoculars to bring to the Amazon are 10x42 (But 8x42 and 12x42 will work well too.) There are many options in the market for these sizes of binoculars, and so are the price ranges. (You can even get them with stabilization!)... The most expensive (and better ones) are Swarovski, Leica and Zeiss. Canon offers the most popular ones with stabilization. Much more affordable, and still very good options, are Nikon and Bushnell Need binocular suggestions?Probably the most popular wildlife spotting and birding binoculars today are the Nikon (Model: Monarch 7432) and the Bushnell (Model: NatureView) because of their price, weight, optics quality (in relation with the price), versatility and because they are water and fog proof, making them perfect for the Amazon and for almost every other weather conditions. Currently I carry a Nikon Monarch 7432... But I dream of a Swarowski 12x42! Hope to see you in one of our expeditions soon!

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