Photo of the Week: Sumatra's Cutest Baby?

March 22, 2013
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International Expeditions' Director of Program Development Bill Robison is currently in Indonesia researching travel options. He sent us this photo and story from the road. You can see his other photos on IE's Facebook page.

Back from the wilds of northern Sumatra, and it was worth it. I saw lots of Thomas leaf monkeys, some long-tailed macacs and the big enchilada - orangutans! This little lady and her baby came down to check us out while an older baby stuck closer, but out of arm's reach. I'm no photographer, but I hope you like the photos. Had a few geckos in my room at the ecolodge too. They barked a little, but none of them spoke with an English accent or tried to sell me car insurance. Off to Bali tomorrow...