Why Are No Cabins on IE's Amazon Riverboat Decorated the Same?

August 15, 2013

Since the beginning of the year, International Expeditions guests have been hearing and reading about the new custom-designed riverboat, La Estrella Amazonica, we’re launching for our Amazon River cruises. So much care and attention has gone into this new riverboat, that IE’s own Director of Operations Tara even flew to Peru to hand-select fabrics for the interiors.

"I spent most of the day searching through Lima for just the right fabrics to add that authentic Peruvian feel to the La Estrella Amazonica. I found several pieces, but I visited around 14 different shops to do it. I was drawn to these fabrics in part because of the story. In this tribe, they imbibe a ceremonial drink, then design the fabrics around their visions. So each piece of fabric is distinct, telling its own story. I love that no two beds or cabin will have the same fabric. Plus they are colorful and bright which I like. Some even had fingerprints from the artist. I can't wait to see them in the cabins!"