IE Founder Returns to the Amazon!

August 06, 2013
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International Expeditions co-founder Richard Ryel is headlining our October 4 Amazon River cruise. As he prepares to return to the Peruvian Amazon, a destination that he pioneered travel to 33 years ago, we asked Richard to talk to us about his deep passion for the Amazon rainforest.

The Amazon is more than a destination, it is the heart and soul of our planet. My wife Patricia and I spent five weeks on our honeymoon in 1979 in the Columbian and Peruvian Amazon. It was an absolute life-changing experience that altered our thoughts about how we wanted to spend our life together. All we could think about was sharing our experience in the Amazon with others. I think of the Amazon as “Mother” as it was the place our first child was conceived and it gave birth to International Expeditions soon after.

The Amazon, the greatest wilderness area on Earth, has often been referred as the “Green Hell,” when in fact it is a place of great wildlife diversity, inner peace and tranquility. IE began sharing that inner peace with our guests in September 1980, and it was received with such enthusiasm that it put the fledgling company’s Amazon expedition on the nature travel bucket list for tens of thousands of people over the next 30 plus years. It was the platform that provided International Expeditions the wherewithal to expand its travel programs worldwide and become known as the “World Leader in Nature Travel.”


More About Richard

Dr. Richard Ryel has explored the world’s tropical regions in search of natural phenomena for more than five decades. After studying biology at the University of Southern California, Richard went on to earn a master’s in zoology with a minor in botany at California State College at Los Angeles. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Alabama in Birmingham where he studied physiology, biophysics, physical chemistry and pathology. Read More