The days of printed guidebooks seem to have gone the way of cassettes, and smart phones have made us more savvy travelers. Check out these free popular apps - each recommended by the experts at MedjetAssist - to make your travels easier.


  • Gate Guru: A must have for anyone navigating a busy airport, Gate Guru provides ratings of many of the top airports in addition to maps, amenities, security wait times and restaurant reviews.
  • Google Translate: Google Translate can translate words and phrases in more than 60 languages. For more common dialects, you have the option to listen to the translation spoken aloud or display the translation for others to read. You can even bookmark most commonly used translations for easy access.
  • World Customs & Cultures: Brush up on the customs of countries you will be visiting. World Customs & Cultures provides information for over 165 countries including greetings, eye contact, personal space and gestures.

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