Sperm Whales Could Be Another Victim of Oil Spill

June 02, 2010
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For weeks we’ve been following the oil spill’s impact on wildlife along the Gulf coast, but there is also an endangered species known to feed in the murky depths right where oil is leaking: sperm whales. Audubonmagazine.org reports that an estimated 1,665 sperm whales in the northern Gulf of Mexico that may be at risk as oil continues to spew from Deepwater Horizon.

“Sperm whales are the largest toothed whales on earth. The whales eat mainly squid but will also hunt fish, skates and deep water sharks, feeding in depths from 1,000 feet to nearly 10,000 feet. In the Gulf of Mexico, the preferred feeding ground is along the continental slope, the margin several dozen miles offshore where the seafloor descends from shallow to very deep. This is exactly where the oil is leaking.”

Learn more at Audubonmagazine.org.