Pregnancy Sparks Hope for Endangered Rhino

April 21, 2010
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Malaysian conservationists working in conjunction with the World Wildlife Fund captured a photo of a critically endangered Sumatran rhinoceros thought to be pregnant, raising hopes that the species on Borneo island may be breeding in the wild. The Sumatran rhino – once widespread on Borneo – is now confirmed to exist only in the northeast state of Sabah, where the photo was taken, and is possibly extinct from its former habitats in Sarawak (Malaysia) and Kalimantan (Indonesia).

A remotely controlled camera set up in a forest in Sabah state on Borneo captured a still picture of the rhino, and another 50 cameras have been set up in the area to gather more information on the females.

It is the first such image in the wild of a female thought to be pregnant, providing cheer to conservationists after the initial failure of a breeding-in-captivity program for the Borneo Sumatran rhino.

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