A Note from our President

May 01, 2009
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All too often we talk ourselves out of special escapes – like travel. But no matter the reasons we give for forging vacations, there are so many benefits to travel with a purpose – the kind of journeys you’ll find in abundance at International Expeditions!

While a relaxing getaway is certainly a welcome respite for many of us, travel also has the potential to enrich our mind and the world. When you join an IE journey, you’ll be educated on the customs, wildlife and history of a region. More than that, you learn how we impact the places we travel to, increasing awareness of how delicate and interdependent our world is.

More than just expanding your understanding of our global community, travel has the ability to impact lives at a very personal level. At International Expeditions, tourism dollars fund our efforts to conserve Bengal tigers and hyacinth macaws, as well as build water treatment plants in remote rainforest villages, improving the lives and health of isolated communities. While traveling, you may buy hand-made wares in a small village, enabling them to sustain their way of life and pass down skills to their young. Your very presence on our expeditions provides work and income for passionate naturalists like those who lead our trips. This engaging travel is an astounding chance to give back to the world while benefiting immeasurable ourselves.

I’m so excited to have to opportunity to head-up a company with such a far-reaching impact! And I’m thrilled that you’ve joined our community of travelers so that I can share with you all the progress we’re making in the coming months.


Maggie Hart