Sri Lanka Tour

 With a history dating back to the birth of time, the exotic isle of Sri Lanka packages pristine beaches and captivating cultural heritage alongside distinct wildlife encounters. International Expeditions’ new Sri Lanka tour transports you from azure seas to green mountains, taking in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, lush tea estates, prime spots for whale-watching and a national park that is home to the world’s greatest concentration of wild leopards. Along the way, skilled naturalist and historian guides immerse you deeply into a culture extending over 2,500 years.

“Relaxed national parks, elephant encounters and wildflowers mingle with 2,000 years of culture. Plus, it’s just a short drive from white beaches to impossibly green tea plantations. But more than anything, I felt at such peace. In conversations with locals, they shared their beliefs – emphasizing kindness to strangers and the inherent good in people. This is definitely the time to go to Sri Lanka.”
IE Custom Travel Planner Kim Guth on her 2013 trip to Sri Lanka