India Wildlife Tour

This is Kipling’s India — a dizzying diversity of habitats that harbor wildlife so charismatic it inspired children’s tales. Harnessing decades of experience in this glorious subcontinent, International Expeditions’ newest, wildlife-concentrated India tour is better than ever, offering you some of the most spectacular wildlife reserves, accommodations and opportunities available. Imagine your eyes following the movement of bushes, your eyes widening after hearing a rumbling growl, and your eyes staring, almost in disbelief, as a Bengal tiger appears before you in the wild.

More Parks. More Wildlife.

To increase your opportunities to encounter the elusive tiger — plus one-horned Asisan rhino, Asian elephant and a host of other Indian wildlife — visit four different national parks offering some of India's most concentrated tiger populations. Join us on this heart-quickening journey full of diversity, splendor and photographic attractions for passionate nature adventurers.

History of India Conservation

For more than 20 years, IE has worked with and supported Tiger Trust, a program committed to tiger conservation. The project has been very successful in conserving habitats and creating Bengal tiger awareness worldwide. But more than just Bengal tigers, Tiger Trust is improving life for the people living near the national parks, and educating forestry officials and police on conservation laws. Tiger Trust’s primary missions are: Education & Research; Publications; Generating awareness; Habitat conservation; and Ecotourism.