Bali to Komodo

Few places evoke the same lush, exotic imagery as the islands of Nussa Tenggara from Bali to Komodo — small pearls in the immense Indonesian archipelago that lies scattered like a broken necklace across one-seventh of the Earth’s surface.

The beauty of the islands is legendary, their biodiversity astounding, and the rich tapestry of their cultures helps make IE’s new Bali tours unforgettable. Step ashore and experience the thrill of seeing huge Komodo dragons, surprisingly fast and agile carnivorous lizards. Put on a snorkel and discover the colorful world below the waves, an undersea fantasy equal to anything in the world. On your Bali tour, experience the daily life of villagers and the wonderfully complex and intricate temples that form the backbone of Balinese Hinduism.

Explore the Sea

There are many ways to enjoy the exotic isles of Indonesia, but it is hard to imagine a more traditional or exciting mode of travel than in comfort as a passenger aboard our extraordinary Indonesian cruise — cutting through tropical waters speckled with coral reefs and palm-clad islands. Enjoy a seven-night cruise aboard the nine-cabin WAOW, a three-masted wooden vessel. Plus, enjoy snorkeling off Menjangan Island, Bali's #1 snorkeling site!

"Wowed" by Wildlife

Indonesia’s warm tropical seas support some of the world’s greatest marine biodiversity. Thousands of coral reefs are found all over the archipelago and boast over 3,000 species of fish and over 750 species of corals. Spinner dolphin, dugong, leatherback turtle, yellowfin tuna, black marlin, whale shark, manta ray, yard-long giant clam, moray eel, banded sea snake and millions of brilliant reef fish are only a few of the inhabitants of Indonesia’s incredibly rich coral reefs. During your Bali tour, you also spend three days near Bali Barat National Park, where you a tour of the Bali Starling Project and watch for black monkey, leak monkey and macaque, as well as Java deer, buffalo and wild pig on naturalist-guided excursions.