Southeast Asia

From intriguing temples swallowed by encroaching jungle to the chaotic streets of Saigon, International Expeditions invites you to be immersed in the eclectic culture and color of Southeast Asia. Our expedition delves into the region’s captivating dynasties, colonial history and ancient religions — all expertly lead by friendly local guides and a professional IE Expedition Leader. Be enveloped in the silence and ceremony of tak bat. Touch the lives of young people eager to learn as you distribute books and learning materials. Wind your way through colorful and bustling markets.  Be welcomed as honored guests through a baci ceremony given by local villagers. Cruise below towering granite cliffs. Discover ancient sites of worship and cultural exchange. This sweeping Southeast Asia adventure ensures a comprehensive look at the rich abundance of natural beauty, culture, history, ceremony, architecture and tradition these lands have to offer. Every day of this journey is an opportunity to experience life in Southeast Asia.

Explore Ancient Temples & Religious Centers

IE’s Southeast Asia tours delve into the art and history of the historic Angkor Wat temple complex, including Ta Prohm, being reclaimed by the forest.  Golden That Luang Stupa is Laos’ most significant monument and believed to hold a piece of the breastbone of Buddha himself. Learn about the rich Cham history of Vietnam as the ruined temple complex of My Son, once the most important in the empire. Expertly lead excursions in each location will bring out the history and culture around you.

Enjoy Authentic Cultural Interaction & Local Markets

IE guests are welcomed as honored visitors during a special Lao welcome baci ceremony and get up close and personal with the locals at Luang Prabang’s night market and Vientiane’s Talat Sao. Enjoy a magic and pageantry of a water puppet show, a uniquely Vietnamese tradition, at Thang Long Theater, regarded as the very best place to see it. Enjoy Khmer dance in Siem Reap and experience the joy of interacting with and giving books to local children in a Lao village. Most of all learn and share with your local guides that travel with you throughout your journey in their country.

Tasty Local Cuisine

Meals on IE’s Southeast Asia tours have been designed with “foodies” in mind and to ensure guests enjoy the very best of the amazing array of local flavors. Enjoy a wide array of farm fresh local favorites in Laos, including a restaurant teaching skills at-risk kids in Vientiane, and the most charming restaurants in Luang Prabang. Anthony Bourdain featured Anh Tuyet’s in Hanoi on his show “No Reservations.”  The Old Quarter restaurant is famous for all kinds of local delicacies but most famous for their roast chicken, which you will sample. While in the Mekong Delta learn to make rolls with the local delicacy elephant fish.

Authentic Adventure in Asia

Your Southeast Asia tour features walks to ancient temples, village visits, cyclo-rickshaw rides, a water puppet show, sightseeing by tuk-tuk, an overnight cruise aboard a traditional junk on Halong Bay, five UNESCO World Heritage sites, boutique and five-star properties, colorful markets and so much more!