Papua New Guinea

Deep in the rainforested, highland basins of Papua New Guinea, the tongues and traditions of tribes as old as time caress the face of a secluded country — still steeped in mysticism and striking color. On our Papua New Guinea tour, you venture into backwaters and lakes of the Sepik River; meet the Huli “wigmen,“ whose first contact with the outside world was in the 1930s; and discover the astounding bird life — birds of paradise, cassowaries, lorikeets and cockatoos.

Discover Untamed Nature & Culture

Our Papua New Guinea adventure takes in one of the most remote and intriguing destinations in the world. A land of startling contrasts and images, where scattered tribes and villages speaking over 700 languages are engulfed by this untamed country of awe-inspiring mountains, lush lowlands and tropical vegetation. Best described with superlatives, the astounding bird life — birds of paradise, bowerbirds, cassowaries, Victoria crowned pigeons, lorikeets, kookaburras and cockatoos — combines with the human spectacles for an astounding display.

A Papua New Guinea Tour with Magical Mount Hagen

There are few if any human spectacles in the world that can match the gathering of tribes at Papua New Guinea’s highland “sing-sings.” In costumes dripping with beads, decorations and intricate body paint, the people sing out their individual beliefs and rituals. Each year, only a few explorers are lucky enough to visit the show. IE is one of only a few tour companies with guaranteed seating arrangements (and we’re in a nice, shady location!).