Pradeep Rana

Pradeep has an unmatched passion for all things India…from history to culture to wildlife. Above all, he understands that personal and interactive service combines these elements for an in-depth and meaningful experience. His formal and on-the-job naturalist/ranger training in combination with his service skills and imagination have resulted in a career filled with creation of experiences that delight guests and local people alike. Over his 10 years in the hospitality business he has experience managing at hotels and wildlife lodges, including in Corbett National Park. He spent three years educating children about the magnificent snow leopard and teaching them how to connect the science they learn in school with the real challenges involved with protecting the plants and animals that live in the wild. In the same spirit of education and caring about people he has worked on many projects to involve local communities in and around lodges, including education, health care, hygiene and development of job skills. Many of his projects have been published and his efforts and skills resulted in Taj Hotels awarding him for community service development in 2013. &Beyond named him one of the “World’s Finest Guides/Rangers/Wildlife Interpreters” Feb 2012. Most recently Pradeep was Senior Naturalist at Singinawa Jungle Lodge where he regaled guests with personal service and informative interaction regarding the culture, history and wildlife of India. His passions are wildlife, photography, adventure sports, building creative ideas to enhance guest experience and interacting with others.