What's included in the price of IE’s India travel packages?

  • Sunrise visit to Taj Mahal
  • 10 UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Local school visit
  • Private city tours, sightseeing & lectures
  • Private game drives & nature walks
  • Naturalist guide throughout & local specialist guides
  • Folk dance & cooking demonstration
  • $100 per person contribution to Tiger Trust
  • All entrance fees
  • 45 meals
  • Tips to porters & to waiters for included meals
  • Deluxe accommodations including jungle lodges, hotels & former palaces
  • Transfers on group arrival & departure dates

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Are visas required for India travel?

A visa is required for U.S. citizens to enter India and MUST be obtained prior to departing the U.S. In addition to the application, you will need to submit two passport photos, a copy of your driver’s license and a copy of your birth certificate. Married women must also provide a photocopy of their marriage certificate.

What vaccinations are required for India travel?

No immunizations are required for travel to India or Nepal. While there are no requirements for a yellow fever inoculation, the CDC does recommend immunization for travel to Delhi, India. India and Nepal may require proof of immunization against yellow fever if you have traveled in an area at risk for yellow fever in recent months. Please remember to consult with your personal physician.

What kind of climate can you expect during your India expedition?

India has a very wide range of climatic patterns. October to March brings the best weather over much of the country. India has hot tropical weather with variations occurring region to region. While the coolest months are from November to mid-March, the hottest are from April to June. From mid-July to September one can experience monsoon rains. Winters in India are pleasant, with plenty of sunny days but with cool mornings (low 40s) and warm afternoons (70s). Most of the North India remains dry and dusty during the summer months.

What kind of drives can you expect on IE’s India travel package?

Some of the drives between locations in India can be 4-8 hours. While most of the roads are paved, they are not the best, so prepare for some very long and bumpy rides. Bathroom breaks are few and far between so reduce your fluid intake before setting out. Be prepared for “bush stops” as an emergency bathroom situation. Carrying a small supply of bathroom tissue, wet wipes and/or hand sanitizer in your day pack is also advised. Many Eastern style bathrooms do not provide bathroom tissue.