Island life takes on new meaning as you set foot on Madagascar, where lemurs cavort in the shade offered by lush forests and charming Malagasy people welcome you to Earth’s oldest island. Isolated for 65 million years, the flora and fauna of Madagascar is a magnificent menagerie of species, including 350 species of frogs, 200 different mammals and close to 1,000 orchid species which exist only here. Of Madagascar's 258 recorded bird species, a remarkable 115 are endemic! Join International Expeditions’ NEW Madagascar safari delving into the countless wonders of this island nation.

Is IE’s Madagascar Tour Right for You?

Anyone considering a Madagascar tour should pack their sense of adventure and flexibility! A Madagascar safari embodies the very essence of adventure travel, offering the rare opportunity to explore a pristine land. However, flight delays and last-minute itinerary changes are to be expected.

Leaping Lemurs!

Our Madagascar safari exposes you to one of the most unique and wildlife rich places on Earth. Madagascar is a naturalist’s paradise with an extreme level of endemicism. While our visits to the island’s signature parks and reserves will take in a variety of wildlife, Madagascar is renowned for its lemurs. On naturalist guided excursions, our guests look for numerous lemur species including Indri, grey bamboo lemur, brown lemur, Goodman’s mouse lemur, ring-tailed lemur, black and white ruffed lemur, aye aye and the dancing diademed sifaka.