egypt tour guide hanaa el sweify

Hanaa El Swiefy

Egyptologist Hanaa El Sweify not only has degrees in both Egyptology and Archaeology, but her education is complemented by more than 25 years of guiding experience. And just in case you want to test out your language skills while in Egypt, Hanaa has studied English, French, Italian, Arabic and hieroglyphics!


Basem Salah

Egyptologist Basem Salah has spent more than 16 years as an Egyptologist, and has even taught archaeology at the university level for more than a decade. An active member of the Egypt Exploration Society, when not publishing or working on excavations, Basem likes to relax with a round of golf.

Hassan Aaf

Born in 1979, Wings Over the Nile Expedition Leader Hassan Aad is a Cairo native who has been leading groups in his homeland for almost a decade. Hassan is well-traveled, but also has a soft-spot in his heart for dogs.

Khaled Farag

Cairo native and Wings Over the Nile Expedition Leader Khaled Farag was born in 1976 and has been working with groups on the Wings Over the Nile itinerary for more than a decade. Fluent in English as well as French, Khaled earned his degree in Hotel Management and Tourism.