Highlights & Reviews

"I would consider this trip to be the highlight of my traveling life. It was a stunning, unforgettable experience."
– Dorothy Kohler of Calverton, New York

"This trip was nearly perfect... I only wish it could have lasted longer! Our guide was first-rate, and members of the group were congenial, interested, curious and fun. I miss Kenya and our group."
– Annette Gililland of Seatle, Washington

"It was an educational and inspiring adventure. The beauty of the people, landscapes and animals was intensified by the extraordinary insight of our guide."
– Barbara S. Lebin of Geneva, Illinois

"You've done it again! I will be filing these experiences with previous International Expeditions trips. It was a remarkable time."
– Judith A. Bocok of Lynn, Massachusetts

"The guides were amazing. Places we stayed, gorgeous. A fantastic memorable trip."
– Kris Nevius of Mill Valley, California

"It was unbelievable!! Animals all took our breath away. Can't describe the feeling of having lunch on the Serengeti with the herds surrounding us, or breakfast in the Mara. I didn't want to come home!"
– Paula Weiss of Sacramento, California