Tanzania Photo Safari

Discover the timeless adventure of Africa as you travel on our Tanzania Photo Safari — the perfect way to see the continent’s most abundant wildlife. Find the "Big Five" — lions, elephants, buffalos, rhino and leopards — that an East African photo safari is known for, as well as wildebeest, zebra, hartebeest, hippo and much more.

Hosted by Donald & Janice Cohen of DLC Photography

February 16-27, 2014

What You’ll Learn

During your photo workshop session on Don Cohen’s Tanzania safari, you will cover a wide variety of essential concepts and techniques in photography. Don designs these courses to take advantage of the countless hours he has devoted to photography in the field and on the computer, accelerating the learning curve for photographers of all skill levels.

About Don Cohen

Don Cohen has had a keen interest in nature and wildlife photography, with a particular love of birds, for many years, and has been traveling worldwide in search of beautiful subjects. He has a large collection of gorgeous images on display at his website (www.dlcphoto.com) from areas such as the Galapagos Islands, Brazil, Peru, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Fiji, and Nova Scotia, along with diverse locations throughout the United States.

Continuously upgrading both his equipment and computer skills, Don has guided many photographers in their transition to digital photography, helped them learn how to get the most out of their cameras and improve their Photoshop skills.

Don has been leading photo tours since 2004 and working with International Expeditions, has also led trips to the Amazon River, the Pantanal in Brazil, and is now expanding these explorations to Africa!